Root Barrier

Root Barrier is an amazing product if you have trees close to the foundation of your home or business.  One of the main problems with foundation issues of homes and business is trees and their root systems. Trees look great, they can add value to your property, and provide shade, however, some large trees can pull up to 200 gallons of water a day! You might not have trees that large on your property or the property next door, but maybe you do have two or three smaller trees, and combined together they remove about 50 gallons of water a day from the soil around the perimeter of your home and or business. Are you putting those 50 gallons of water back into the soil every day? I would bet not. This is one of the major contributing factors to foundation movement.  Root Barrier is installed in particular areas or around your home to fix this problem. When the root of a tree moves toward the barrier it starts to turn away, Preventing the roots from going towards the unwanted ares.