Foundation Problems 

Things To Look For


 F&M Foundation Repair


Most commercial buildings and homes in the greater Houston area have foundations that are supported on soil (rather than rock). Consequently, the characteristics and behavior of the soils have a significant impact on the performance of your foundation.

Soil is a compressible material, it "gives" when a load is applied on it. Settlement of foundations occurs when the load is excessive for the supporting soil. It is not unusual in the design of multi-story commercial buildings to plan around potential settlement issues of several inches. Most houses, on the other hand, are lightly-loaded structures which apply relatively small loads. These loads will result in minor settlement in the foundations in most cases.

So why do many homes and offices in the Houston area have so many foundation problems? The answer is the type of soil on which they are built. A large portion of the soil in Houston has a high content of clay, which is usually very sensitive to moisture fluctuations. Introduction of water into clay causes it to expand and expand upward, subjecting foundations to pressures from underneath. Conversely, if water is withdrawn, these clay soils will contract, sometimes creating voids that leave portions of the foundations unsupported. F&M has a variety of different types of piers to choose from. We will recommend the best on for the soil conditions in your area.